1. Turning yourself inside out!

    2023-08-08 10:10:34 UTC
    It was the last stage of Belgrade-Banjaluka, an obscure 2.2 race from Serbia to Bosnia. He crossed the finish line one minute or so after the bunch. I caught up with him a few moments later, not knowing what his day had been like. Had he been in front all…

  2. Hello, 2020!

    2020-02-21 14:04:50 UTC
    A new year on the horizon, and another cycling season is upon us. All of a sudden new races appear, and I had the privilege of being present in Riyadh for the first edition of “The Saudi Tour”! Long haul to the Middle East again, exhausting as always, but -…

  3. Farewell, 2018!

    2018-12-31 14:12:32 UTC
    Another year gone, and a few more races done. 2018 has been a rollercoaster, starting off with some great racing on the track in January, another go in Oman in February, a photoshoot with Astana and Argon18 in March, and then… Disaster struck, and I was sidelined with injury, forcing…

  4. The Worlds 2017… At Last!

    2017-11-05 13:47:25 UTC
    I usually skip the World Championships, as the UCI make it a real struggle to work on as a photographer. But as a Norwegian, obviously I couldn’t miss this one. It just might be the last time I’ll ever experience a WC in my own country! As a Norwegian citizen…

  5. China: Tour of Guangxi 2017

    2017-11-04 20:22:16 UTC
    Beihai, Tour of Guangxi, stage one. We are in the far south of the People’s Republic of China, close to the Vietnam border. The Gulf of Tonkin is still scorching hot in October. In stark contrast to the previous day, the streets are almost clear of traffic on our way…

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