1. New projects out… Finally!

    2017-09-07 18:49:00 UTC
    Long time, no see… eh? Summer has been kinda busy, and so has early automn. It’s been difficult to find time & motivation to work on the ZUPERDEHLIE site, but finally - two new galleries are out NOW: European Road Championships in Herning, Denmark - a rain soaked and windy…

  2. Racing on home turf!

    2017-05-23 19:01:12 UTC
    Sometimes you travel an entire day, across several time zones to cover a race. However, this time things got easy for the Tour of Norway, as racing was on my home roads! Very much appreciated, and it’s a pretty nice feeling when you know all the spots and the shortcuts……

  3. Sleep deprived at Paris-Roubaix!

    2017-04-14 15:11:24 UTC
    Paris-Roubaix is a crazy race, so why not freak out completely and drive all the way up from Eibar in the Basque country to Compiègne on the eve of the race? So we did, me and Mr. Flockton, after having fought our way through a manic Vuelta al Paìs Vasco…

  4. Paris-Nice 2017: High-contrast racing!

    2017-03-16 09:33:00 UTC
    After a two-year hiatus from ‘La Course au Soleil’ aka ‘The Race to the Sun’, I enjoyed a rather spectacular week from Paris to Nice. Extreme weather conditions during the first stages made GC a tight battle all the way down to The Mediterranean Sea. For the second year in…

  5. Tour of Oman 2017: Mission completed!

    2017-02-24 12:40:00 UTC
    Norway to Oman is a hefty ride, especially mid-February, as the temperature difference from one to the other amounts to 50 degrees C. It’s a long haul, a mighty jump, and a colossal cultural voyage from a modern western society to a pretty strict muslim country. Always a little doubt…

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