The Worlds 2017… At Last!

I usually skip the World Championships, as the UCI make it a real struggle to work on as a photographer. But as a Norwegian, obviously I couldn’t miss this one. It just might be the last time I’ll ever experience a WC in my own country! As a Norwegian citizen living in Norway, I’ve been following the preparations and build-up of this event quite closely, and it wasn’t obvious this was going to be such a huge success. There was talk of financial problems, logistical headaches, and the weather conditions were a tremendous gamble. Bergen’s infamous bad-weather reputation travels far beyond the borders of Norway! In the end, we got a glorious week of cycling, and the multitude of spectators along the roadside will be remembered for a long time to come.

Awesome gallery out @Soigneur just over here:

Complete works from Bergen, click here!

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